Sunday, March 29, 2009: Dealing With Complaints

What an amazing worship set this morning. You can zoom over to to see the worship set-list. Guest worship leader David Upton was such a pleasure to have back in town. And knowing his style of music I decide that I would mix things a little hotter than a normal Sunday. Typically we run around 95 C-weighted, but I felt that 100dB would be more appropriate. And it really was. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot of great comment cards this week about worship.

During the worship set I noticed a gentleman with his fingers in his ears and I knew from reading his body language. He didn’t like the volume level. I know that volume issues are very big in some churches. So I thought I’d write a post on how to deal with people who come to you or comments come through the grape-vine on how to deal with complaints in regards to mixes and volume issues. Continue reading

Songwriting Tele-Seminar with Darrell Evans to Benefit Human Trafficking Charity


Wisdom has let me in on something I want to share with you worship leaders and songwriters out there:

Join us for our very first Songwriting Teleseminar. Worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist, Darrell Evans will be sharing insights on songwriting and also answering your questions.

All proceeds go to support the ministry of NightLight (

When: Monday, May 4th at 8pm CentralWhere: on the phone

Cost: only $22 (early bird discount until April 15)

Go to to register and for more info

Saddleback Worship Conference and a special GIVE AWAY!


I have been three times to the Saddleback Worship Conference and have had a blast! To see people like Lincoln Brewster or Paul Baloche lead worship and to be in workshops with Saddleback staff with the likes of Tony Guerrero make this a refreshing time for those of us who lead worship or serve on the worship team. I have brought young adults and teens with me, too. The teaching is great and to sing with thousands of others who can sing on pitch is a rare thing. Our worship team at Sunridge has gone as a retreat, some taking off time from work to attend. You gotta make it!


Ash Wednesday: First week of fasts, here’s what I am doing


To begin Lent, this first week of fasts will: Sweets, Treats and Self Indulgence. So, no candy, chocolate, beer, fun beverages of the same kind and no cigars for me. No dessert, ice cream. I will have coffee, however. This will be the first week fast where I will resolve to spend nothing special on myself. We will see how I do!

At you can see what my church community is doing about Lent.

What you are doing or not doing?

Recreate Conference 2009, Franklin, TN


For eight years I have been a part of an amazing think tank and creative leader conference called cre:ate (recreate) in Franklin, TN. Randy Elrod and his wife Chris have founded not just an environment that challenges, encourages and catapults a group of leaders but they have created a real community of influencers who are shaping the local church in America and beyond. Continue reading

Killing Cockroaches: A Leadership Book by Tony Morgan


I am a horridly slow reader. I think the last time I finished a book this fast it was called Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. And even then it was the abridged version. If I’m honest I’m not that much of a reader. After spending years reading technical PDF’s on acoustics, music industry business and electronics theory to the tune of f=c/2 √p2/L2 +… you need something a bit fun. Which is probably why I’m drawn to pirates.

Continue reading A new site dedicated to telling real-life stories!


I am excited about this grass-roots endeavor from a few people at Sunridge Community Church. The idea is simply to tell personal stories about how God is real in our lives. That’s it. These are not edited, except for spelling. Please come check it out, tell your friends and put us in your RSS feed reader or join our mailing list to get the latest stories. In fact, maybe you can share a story there, too.

Our Twitter is: @GodisForReal

See you there!