Finally an affordable conference for those in the East Coast for people in the trenches–the small church. Most churches are under 200 people but few conferences specifically program to this huge group. I am so happy my friend Joel and his partners are putting this on! One cool thing is that the more who go from your church or team, the less it costs.

To help out, I am going to give away randomly one conference registration to whoever comments on this post within the next week. This registration will count as a full registration towards your church’s group number.
Forge site:

Forge Pricing is $99 a person or $67 a person for teams of 6 or more. The Forge Conference is Sept 30th-Oct 2nd in Ocean Grove NJ.

RICH HAS MOVED! Come and see the new

After blogging for five years at I have decided to change my URL and “brand” to Why?

Well, things were getting stale with my old theme and it got in the way of the content, connection and conversation. So, a friend with amazing skills designed this theme to solve that. Also, my name is a bit long and hard to get right when typing into a web browser. Besides that, I wanted this to be LESS about my name and more about the conversation, so my twitter hand RKWeblog seems to fit just right.

I have a favor to ask, please check for bugs and PLEASE change your link from to!

Win 2 FREE Passes to Training Conference!

I am so happy to announce that I will be teaching a workshop and attending the Training Conference, April 12-14 in Lenexa, KS.

In 1999 I remember attending as a younger worship leader one of their training events and over the past several years I have enjoyed getting to know some of the people at this company. Wholeheartedly I can say these people love the local church and this event is designed to equip worship leaders at churches of any size. Even their cost is reasonable.

Some of the worship leaders there include: Leeland, Brenton Brown, Matt Maher, Christy Nockels, Phil Wickham and Audrey Assad. Continue reading

Worship Mythbusters: Worship Leading in top 15 of most stressful jobs


This is posted on recently did a series of articles based on research by and found that 67% of those that lead worship or direct music in local churches for a vocation say the job is stressful. The research says this job is in the top 15 MOST stressful. Uhmm, this is obvious to those of us who lead worship, but to have research debunk the myth of the glamor of being a music guy/gal in a church might be helpful in fixing some things. Continue reading

If you are a “creative” or early adopter in ministry, a conference you must consider!

Picture 2

The cre:ate2110 conference in Franklin, Tennessee has been more than a conference for my the past nine years. As a “creative” in ministry I feel like I belong to a tribe of amazingly smart, gifted and godly men and women who gather each year to have an extraordinary salon about worship, film, media, art and culture. There seems to be no other ministry related event in the nation like this.

I owe this very blog to attending cre:ate conference. I am now in the top 50 of Christianity blogs, and the collective blogroll the tribe of attendees is amazingly strong with people like Carlos and Randy. (Go to my blogroll to see some of them). This is just one tangible evidence of how impacting this conference has been on me and others.

Each year I look forward to learning from authors, pastors, filmmakers and the collective group which alone is worth the trip. Indeed, the relationships that have lasted these years and influenced me have made this trip one I cannot miss.

On top of that, the experiences with music, art and food are astounding. I can’t wait!

Worship Podcast: “Manly Worship” Round Table LIVE Tuesday

We want to let you, Tehilla Music Blog readers in on something good. My friends over at All About Worship have a roundtable Tuesday night:


All About Worship Podcast: “Manly Worship” Round Table LIVE Tuesday

This Tuesday, September 29 at 9pm CST, the All About Worship podcast will be hosting it’s first “Round Table” discussion with three worship leaders/songwriters with hosts Ben Abu Saada and Wisdom Moon.  The topic at hand is “Manly Worship”.  What is “Manly Worship”?  Is there a need for worship songwriters to focus more attention on music that ministers more to men?  Is there a trend in worship music within churches that connects more with the heart of women vs men?  Or is this issue moot and the hearts of men need to be challenged in this area?  You can be a part of the discussion live with our special guests:


Mandy Thompson. Songwriter/Worship Leader, Mandy Thompson, will be joining us. Visit to learn more about her ministry.  Mandy will be joining us live from her home in New England.  By the way…Mandy created those KILLER podcast intros for us!

Troy-KennedyTroy Kennedy. Songwriter/Worship Pastor from Kansas City will be joining us.  Troy hastaught classes on worship leading ministry in conferences around the nation including the recent National Worship Leader Conference 2009.  Log on to or visit his blog to learn more about Troy.


Fred McKinnon. Songwriter/Worship Leader from St. Simmons Island, GA will be joining the roundtable discussion.  With the “Sunday Setlists” and TheWorshipCommunity, Fred has become an influential member of the online worship community.  Visit and to learn more about Fred.

The fun begins Tuesday, September 29 at 10pm Eastern/9pm CST.  Join us on Talkshoe by phone or via internet below or here.