Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

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Dear worship leader, you make these setlists every single week, for 52 weekends a year. Those weekends arrive timely, like a train on schedule. When the setlist is off its mark the train seems to derail. Keeping a setlist on its tracks is what keeps you awake at night. Or, it surely is something you know is important.

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Free Webinar – The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team

Worship Leader Media is putting on a webinar that I am excited to teach. There are only 50 spots, so get yours while they last. Here is a practical topic that I think will help worship leaders as they work through launch, growth, and maintenance of their teams.

There are six roles or hats that take place in leading the 52 weekend services in worship. Learning what these roles are and staffing them well is the key to growing a team and preventing burnout and frustration. Leading worship is more than just a platform-driven event. There are people to recruit, schedules to keep, projects to manage, and communication to focus. On top of all the “tasks” there is the primary need for spiritual direction of all the people who make up a worship team. Learning how to leverage which of the six you should keep and which you should delegate can be the difference maker in sustaining and growing a team that can weather change. Continue reading

Ministry Essentials: What are you going to stop doing?

noproBeing successful at anything is not just about doing something great and excelling at it, but it’s also not letting yourself get burdened by the temptation of trying to do everything great. A great case study for this is In-N-Out Burger. They do one, maybe 2 things, but they do it so well they can’t be bothered to put other things on the menu.

Today I closed my Hotmail account. It felt quite liberating, actually.

I do all my e-stuff through Google, it’s just easier for how my brain is wired to navigate and it’s only going to get better when Google Wave comes later this year. But the reason I closed my hotmail account was because I don’t do much with it. Do I use it? Yeah, but do I get value out of it? Erm, no. So the question becomes, why keep it around? And “just because” isn’t a good enough reason anymore. Information without application is just noise.

I want to throw out a challenge to you guys to find something to stop doing something in your area of ministry that is not adding real value. If it’s just taking up time, taking up space, taking up budget or other resources, and you don’t think it’s helping you guys do ministry, get rid of it.

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My friend Fred McKinnon is giving away a free registration to one of the premiere worship conferences held this year:

WHEN:  JULY 20-23, 2009
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I’m honored to be invited to do some live blogging from the National Worship Leader Conference in Kansas this Summer.  It will be awesome time of worship, training, teaching, and networking.  If you are going, I sure hope to meet you.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009: Dealing With Complaints

What an amazing worship set this morning. You can zoom over to to see the worship set-list. Guest worship leader David Upton was such a pleasure to have back in town. And knowing his style of music I decide that I would mix things a little hotter than a normal Sunday. Typically we run around 95 C-weighted, but I felt that 100dB would be more appropriate. And it really was. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot of great comment cards this week about worship.

During the worship set I noticed a gentleman with his fingers in his ears and I knew from reading his body language. He didn’t like the volume level. I know that volume issues are very big in some churches. So I thought I’d write a post on how to deal with people who come to you or comments come through the grape-vine on how to deal with complaints in regards to mixes and volume issues. Continue reading

Recreate Conference 2009, Franklin, TN


For eight years I have been a part of an amazing think tank and creative leader conference called cre:ate (recreate) in Franklin, TN. Randy Elrod and his wife Chris have founded not just an environment that challenges, encourages and catapults a group of leaders but they have created a real community of influencers who are shaping the local church in America and beyond. Continue reading

Killing Cockroaches: A Leadership Book by Tony Morgan


I am a horridly slow reader. I think the last time I finished a book this fast it was called Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. And even then it was the abridged version. If I’m honest I’m not that much of a reader. After spending years reading technical PDF’s on acoustics, music industry business and electronics theory to the tune of f=c/2 √p2/L2 +… you need something a bit fun. Which is probably why I’m drawn to pirates.

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Leading Worship Team Volunteers: There Are Wasps In Your Church & Team

jeremy_balsongameIsn’t Sunday and interesting way to spend 1/7 of your life? Where else can you feel like it should still be Saturday but just plain isn’t? And where else can you find the people and fellow volunteers you love all worshipping Jesus at church? Certainly not Tuesday.

Have you seen the new ASIMO; that little miracle-powered self-aware robot by Honda that has arms, legs, eyes…? It can smile, wave, walk up and down stairs and recognize over 6 million objects (including the Toyota Prius). If you walk holding its little hand it will do so without crushing all the little bones in yours because of how clever it is. It will match your speed and even changes in direction. Honda is very tight-lipped about its ASIMO project but after 2 decades, 40 machines, and Lord knows how many millions (or billion) dollars spent, they are finally bringing mankind closer to the day when Terminators and the Borg will kill us all and take our place of dominance on Earth. Hollywood’s got the picture though. How many movies can you count that feature a set of cybernetic versions of wasps working systematically trying to enslave or subdue the human race? The number is quite a few. Continue reading

Leading worship in a dying church

Is worship as important in a dying church as in a thriving church? Should the focus of the church that is in its last days be worship, or finding a way to survive? Perhaps they go hand in hand. I am a part of a church that has been limping along for the past 5 years, I have only been there 15 months, and things have only improved in the youth area. For a long time I led worship, and I often wondered, are my talents and abilities being utilized to the greatest extent here, when I could be helping to cast a new vision, create new plans and try to resurrect this dying church? But I was hit with a realization . . . actually the guitar next to my desk fell and hit my leg, anyway. Continue reading