RICH HAS MOVED! Come and see the new

After blogging for five years at I have decided to change my URL and “brand” to Why?

Well, things were getting stale with my old theme and it got in the way of the content, connection and conversation. So, a friend with amazing skills designed this theme to solve that. Also, my name is a bit long and hard to get right when typing into a web browser. Besides that, I wanted this to be LESS about my name and more about the conversation, so my twitter hand RKWeblog seems to fit just right.

I have a favor to ask, please check for bugs and PLEASE change your link from to! A new site dedicated to telling real-life stories!


I am excited about this grass-roots endeavor from a few people at Sunridge Community Church. The idea is simply to tell personal stories about how God is real in our lives. That’s it. These are not edited, except for spelling. Please come check it out, tell your friends and put us in your RSS feed reader or join our mailing list to get the latest stories. In fact, maybe you can share a story there, too.

Our Twitter is: @GodisForReal

See you there!

Sunday Set Lists from all over the USA!

Fred McKinnon has been collecting set lists from church worship services all over the USA.  I usually post one each week for Sunridge, like today’s service.  Here is what Fred is doing…

The purpose of “Sunday Setlists” is to collaborate with other worshipers worldwide, and to share a recap of our worship experiences.  This blog is the hub, and in the links below you’ll find spokes … links to other blogs all over the world capturing the encounters they had in worship this week.

Check out his Sunday Set List for November 30th.

We are growing! Links, links and stats mean people are reading

Our new blog here from Tehilla Music is growing. We have 11 reciprocal blogger links and up to 50 RSS readers who have subscribed. This is not bad for a blog only a few weeks old!

By the way, if you have not linked or subscribed yet, please do. We reciprocate links to those who engage in our conversation here. More is more!

Have you lurked here? If so, please leave a comment!