Ministry Essentials: What are you going to stop doing?

noproBeing successful at anything is not just about doing something great and excelling at it, but it’s also not letting yourself get burdened by the temptation of trying to do everything great. A great case study for this is In-N-Out Burger. They do one, maybe 2 things, but they do it so well they can’t be bothered to put other things on the menu.

Today I closed my Hotmail account. It felt quite liberating, actually.

I do all my e-stuff through Google, it’s just easier for how my brain is wired to navigate and it’s only going to get better when Google Wave comes later this year. But the reason I closed my hotmail account was because I don’t do much with it. Do I use it? Yeah, but do I get value out of it? Erm, no. So the question becomes, why keep it around? And “just because” isn’t a good enough reason anymore. Information without application is just noise.

I want to throw out a challenge to you guys to find something to stop doing something in your area of ministry that is not adding real value. If it’s just taking up time, taking up space, taking up budget or other resources, and you don’t think it’s helping you guys do ministry, get rid of it.