The Experience


I was a young worship leader looking for that one sound, that one thing or that one song. I had a good budget and I had all of the resources pouring into my office every month. You know those stacks of CDs and charts that you get from worship together and all the clones that do the same thing. I would sift through all of this content and listen to every track, month after month.

I couldn’t find it. I was never stoked with anything I was hearing.

It hit me, not when I was up on a stage leading worship, but when I was in a room full of people that were worshiping their guts out. It was a song I had passed off as weak the first time I heard it, yet this room was ripe with passionate worship to the sound of that very song.

It wasn’t about the song, although some songs in and of themselves demand real worship, it was about the experience.

It always seems to be this way with God. We get caught up trying to figure out a recipe for spirituality and worship, when all along he wants us to tune into the experience.

“…I have come that you would have life to the full…”

{photo credit :: Taylor Hain }