A POLL: To Drum Shield or NOT to Drum Shield is the question


If you are a drummer like my friend Nate in this picture, you know that there are pitfalls to your instrument. Every church lady cringes when she walks in the room. Some times, you have to get there earlier and stay later than the rest of the worship band, and a sheet music might even be put in front of you. However, the most insulting thing (besides playing electronic kits) is when you are put in a glass cage.

The audio guys want control of slapping snares on the back wall and the worship pastor wants to be sure he has a job the next week. You are in a bind. The glass kills your ears, since you get reverberation instantly to your ears—unless you can pay for in-ear monitors which have their own issues.

So, the questions is for all involved: Does your church use a drum shield for your kit? Elaborate, please.