Leading worship in a dying church

Is worship as important in a dying church as in a thriving church? Should the focus of the church that is in its last days be worship, or finding a way to survive? Perhaps they go hand in hand. I am a part of a church that has been limping along for the past 5 years, I have only been there 15 months, and things have only improved in the youth area. For a long time I led worship, and I often wondered, are my talents and abilities being utilized to the greatest extent here, when I could be helping to cast a new vision, create new plans and try to resurrect this dying church? But I was hit with a realization . . . actually the guitar next to my desk fell and hit my leg, anyway.

If I started to help cast this ‘new vision’ and make all these fantastic sounding plans for our rebound . . . what happens to worship? I realized that the worship aspect of the church might in fact be the most important part of the church. Here is why, it is the time where our community comes together and lifts up God’s name, it is the time when we come together and pray as a community, hear God speak, as a community, and connect with God as a community. This is what the congregational church is about. Being Christians in relationship with God together, in community. If I stopped leading worship, then my skills are not being used as best they can. This connection with God may be and should be what keeps this church alive.

Leading worship in a dying church is not always fun, or easy, but neither is leading worship in a thriving church, but it is what God called some of us to do. It may not be our dream, but it is God’s calling in our lives.

Are you willing to follow God’s call to lead where the church is dying?