Sunday Morning Update: A Leadership Failure

This morning was one kicking time of worship. One of the other sound mixers looked back at me in service, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. And one of the other sound mixers (who is very tone picky) loved it. You can look at the set list this afternoon at

This morning was also a little bit of a ministry leadership failure for me. We have a FOH guy and a monitor guy for Sunday mornings. I was scheduled on monitors with one of the volunteers on FOH (Front of House). Thursday night rehearsal and Mr. FOH didn’t show up. So I just ran monitors, and then went back and set a few basic levels and the gain structure. This morning I got to the church, and 6:30 rolled around and Mr. FOH didn’t show. At 7, when Sunday morning run-thru started he still wasn’t there. So I made sure the musicians and vocalists had what they needed in levels and I ran the house.

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