Tehilla Music is a collaboration and conversation about leading worship.  We have various contributors who each bring unique and compelling stories and experiences.  Our hope is that you would be encouraged and challenged as you lead worship or participate in worship in your local church. Check back here as we grow our list of contributors to Tehilla Music.

Rich Kirkpatrick: Rich authors an influential and popular blog Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog and is a pastor and worship leader in Temecula, California at Sunridge Community Church. Rich founded Tehilla Music to freely give away his worship music to anyone who wanted it in 1997.  He has been in worship ministry for nearly 20 years, serving in both small church plants and mega churches.  Rich’s main passion is making the local a church a place the reproduces artist-leaders that create culture in reaching our world for Christ.

Bobby Marchessault: Bobby blogs at My Worship Revolution.  Bobby is a family man, raised in San Diego, California. He currently is the Worship/Connections Pastor at Christian Life Center on Mission Street in Santa Cruz. That means I oversee all the aspects of our worship experience from music to technical production, as well as overseeing any ministry to help get people connected in our community here, such as life groups.

Mike Dalton: Mike blogs at Bass!!! How Low Can You Go and is the volunteer Band Director at Sunridge Community Church where he has attended for the last nine years with his wife and two kids.  Mike is a bass player who cut his teeth in the 80s Hollywood metal scene.

anonymous worship guy: This rather young fellow represents those in the worship community who cannot be open publically with their identity but whose story is one that needs to be heard and discussed.

Jeremy Blasongame: Jeremy blogs at Church Audio & Sound, and is the volunteer audio director at Sunridge Community Church, Temecula, CA.  As a young, but well-trained audio pro, Jeremy’s perspective represents the critical technical aspect of leading worship.

John Carlson: John Carlson ( has a degree in Music Performance from Northern Illinois University, plays saxophones, keyboards, drums, percussion, and loves arranging, transcribing, and composing music for the church. He served at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago for 15 years, 7 of those as an associate music director. He has since served as a music director at churches in Texas and Iowa. He also has worked in professional music circles for 25 years. His CD Expressions Of Instrumental Worship, formerly Preludes & Preludes II, recorded while at Willow Creek, helped him win the 2007 “Christian Jazz Artist Of The Year” award from His CD and printed arrangements have been popular and widely used by churches all over the world. He makes his home in the Iowa City area with his wife and daughter, and, after nearly twenty years working in churches, is now devoting his time to serving churches on a freelance basis with any musical service they may need, while taking some time to ponder where and how God will next use his musical gifts.