When Direction means nothing

“anonymous worship guy” is writing anonymously on behalf of the blog administrator to protect himself and his church.  Having authentic and unedited thoughts in this case we hope will be healthy and honoring to how Jesus would want it to be.

I am a Pastor at a small church in Northern California.  I am also the youngest staff member at this church. I was hired to bring new energy and life to the church and to help provide a direction. I’ve been here a year and I’ve helped to provide a new direction; but that direction has turned into that street sign above. By that I mean that I helped to plot a course straight ahead in one direction, but the Sr. Pastor then, with the help of feed back from the older congregation members, tries to add directions that will make everyone happy. We then end up with direction that means nothing. I stay the course, while the Sr. Pastor goes one way, the elders another and the trustees another, and well you get the point.

Today my Sr. Pastor comes to talk to me while I’m setting up for worship this weekend and says, “We are going to go back to the old hymns and choruses.” WHAT? Back? We had a vision a dream an idea a direction. And now we are back to the starting line (which if you need a reference is where that separate arrow in the photo points to). At our church direction means nothing. I’ve been asking why this is. The answer is lack of strong leadership. It’s not that we don’t have good leaders at the church; it’s just no one wants to take the helm.

To be honest I do, but I am just an associate or assistant pastor, and I know it’s up the Sr. or lead pastor to take then helm. I have told him a few times he needs to. He doesn’t want too because he is afraid of offending people. The elders, some of them, may want to, but can’t because they don’t work at the church.

So what happens to a church when direction means nothing? Well if you look at our church, even before I came here, it dwindles and dies. The last real direction that this church had was given to them 6 or 7 years ago, and that direction wasn’t very good. Once that pastor left the downward slide began for this church. In my youthful arrogance I thought I could save it, but I can’t, they don’t want to be saved for one, and it isn’t what God called me to do. The church has been at a steady 40 people for the year I’ve been here, and even that isn’t completely accurate. This church has not grown or gained health of any kind since direction left.

So I ask all of you, do you have direction?