Tehilla Music: A new beginning today.

Tehilla Music was a company I started in 1997 to self-publish worship music that was being used in my local church and a few others at the time.  I started a simple website where I gave away sheet music to anyone wanted it.  The idea was to simply allow a small overflow of what God was doing through me in my local fellowship to others.

I remember emails from Finland, Alabama, and places I could not pronounce where my little songs were taken and being used.  When corresponding with a woman in a church of 50 people in Alabama, I was moved by the gratitude she displayed.  The provision for me was that it seemed whatever I invested always came back.

Over ten years later there are newer songs and an expanded idea.  The idea is to collaborate with local worship leaders all over the world to capture their indigenous worship expression.  And, hopefully this “open source” approach will be a catalyst to see a huge overflow of music.

But, worship is more than music.  What I hope this site also accomplishes is encouragement and coaching to the worship leaders out there and pastors out there who are on the front lines.  I have served in megachurches and know what its like to lead with 100 people or less in a small church plant.

My many mistakes simply means I can be a resource and catayst to many out there who have not made as many as I have.  So, my boasting is in the track record of failed attempts and big dreams.  I sure hope you join me on the journey here at Tehilla Music.

The video shown above represents a passion on mine–the next generation.  My daughter, who is only 14 in this video, is learning to be an effective worship leader with huge potential to impact many.  How can we collaborate to pass on through this site things that will make the next generation better than us?

Like I said, I sure hope you join us on the journey here at Tehilla Music.  If you need a church copyright adminstrator for your worship tunes, or a publisher to help promote them, we do that, too.