Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

A guest post over at

Dear worship leader, you make these setlists every single week, for 52 weekends a year. Those weekends arrive timely, like a train on schedule. When the setlist is off its mark the train seems to derail. Keeping a setlist on its tracks is what keeps you awake at night. Or, it surely is something you know is important.

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5 CDs GIVEN AWAY! – Chris Tomlin’s “Burning Lights”

Chris Tomlin Burning Lights CD

Chris Tomlin’s latest “Burning Lights” releases TODAY, January 8. Read a review on my blog and if you leave a comment there, you can enter to win one of 5 FREE CDs being given away!

Free Webinar – The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team

Worship Leader Media is putting on a webinar that I am excited to teach. There are only 50 spots, so get yours while they last. Here is a practical topic that I think will help worship leaders as they work through launch, growth, and maintenance of their teams.

There are six roles or hats that take place in leading the 52 weekend services in worship. Learning what these roles are and staffing them well is the key to growing a team and preventing burnout and frustration. Leading worship is more than just a platform-driven event. There are people to recruit, schedules to keep, projects to manage, and communication to focus. On top of all the “tasks” there is the primary need for spiritual direction of all the people who make up a worship team. Learning how to leverage which of the six you should keep and which you should delegate can be the difference maker in sustaining and growing a team that can weather change. Continue Reading…

New Worship EP Recording in the Works! – Drink The Divine

Yes, I am recording a 4-song worship EP titled “Drink the Divine” and you can go to to learn more! This project has been long in the works and includes four original songs. I could sure use your help! Please check it out!

This is Tehilla Music’s first return back to music publishing as well. Stay tuned for more details.


Worship Mythbusters Episode 11: Rita Springer Interview and Give Away!

Head on over to to Episode 11 and enter the CD give away of Rita Springer’s new CD “The Play List” which has been having great reviews. Ever wonder if there are some fresh tunes for the women who lead worship? You will find some answers in this CD. Also, I give a tribute on mentorship. Happy Thanksgiving!

NEWS: Christian Copyright Solutions Celebrates 10 Years with iPad 2 Giveaway

Copyrights can be a confusing thing, but complying is really something we should be above board about, right! Copyright Solver offers help for so many issues. If you cannot afford an administrative person at your church to handle copyright compliance for your events, video syncs and other creative communications then you are gonna love this company. And, they are celebrating 10 years with an iPad giveaway! Here are some tidbits from their press release. Click the image above or links below for more information about their services or giveaway. Continue Reading…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Launched for Emilie Kirkpatrick EP “My Oh My”

Here is some exciting news to announce:  I am very excited to announce my daughter’s project “My Oh My”! It is an inspiring thing to see a teenager dream and then take steps to live out that dream. Over the past years many of you have seen my little girl Emilie grow up by watching this blog. This is an amazing and challenging next step for Emilie to take in her emerging career as a singer-songwriter and artist. Please take the time go here and help make a dream reality!

A VIDEO: Hidoto – Means hope in Ethiopia, Africa

Here is a video I made from the Africa trip I took earlier this month to wonderful country of Ethiopia. I traveled with Doma International who in a rural village is building a clinic to help women in child birth and prevent orphans.

By the way, it is all done on iPhone.

The Great Worship Resource Giveaway: Enter to win $25,000 in worship resources

Worship leaders: you don’t need crazy-good luck to win!

Have you ever entered a contest to then discover that only one in a million will win? Proclaim Church Presentation Software is breaking all the rules with the Great Worship Resource Giveaway. To celebrate its coming launch into the church presentation market, Proclaim has partnered with today’s top worship resource companies to give away over $25,000 in prizes to more than 100 winners.

And because worship leaders belong to such a specific group, the chances of winning are huge! Continue Reading…

New Blog: Worship Mythbusters launching soon

Go check out Worship Mythbusters where they will debunk damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship services and public worship.

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